Four undergraduate researchers are moving on

We've been fortunate to have a great group of undergraduates working in the lab over the past two years. Four of them are graduating and moving on to new things:

Rosanna Chan worked on the genetic basis of natural variation for resistance to infection in Drosophila. She is taking a gap year before enrolling in either graduate school or medical school.

Maureen Dowell also worked on the genetic basis of natural variation for resistance to infection in Drosophila. She will attend Brown University in a Microbiology graduate program.

Judith Ikerionwu worked on host/virus coevolution and is enrolling in a Pre Admissions Program at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Randie Rudder worked on the interaction between Wolbachia and immunity and graduated in December. Randie now works for Millipore Sigma in Kansas City.


Mason Wilkinson joins the lab

Mason at the K-INBRE

Mason Wilkinson recently joined the lab as an assistant researcher (or technician).  He hails from Overland Park, Kansas. Mason graduated from KU in December 2017 and worked in Roberto de Guzman's lab on a biophysical characterization of the Burkholderia Type III Secretion System Minor Translocon Protein, BipC. This earned Mason an honorable mention for a poster presented at the recent K-INBRE symposium in Overland Park, KS. Mason will bring his biochemistry skills to our lab to work on molecular aspects of how immune proteins interact directly with pathogens.

Tom's new paper on the Drosophila innubila Nudivirus genome


Tom Hill (postdoc) recently published a paper characterizing the genome of the Drosophila innubila Nudivirus (DiNV). These viruses are large (155kb), double-stranded, circular DNA viruses that appear to infect several members of the Drosophila genus. Tom found preliminary evidence that a few key genes are evolving adaptively in the virus. You can read the paper in Infection, Genetics and Evolution by clicking here.

Lab lasertag and a trip to Pet World

Last week we celebrated a few milestones by petting small mammals and playing lasertag.  Here are some pictures...