Postdoctoral Researchers

We are currently wrapping up a search for a postdoctoral researcher. Please contact me to discuss possibilities, but I do not have funding specifically for additional postdocs at this time.

Graduate students

KU has an active group in evolutionary genetics spanning both the Molecular Biosciences and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Departments.  My primary appointment is in Molecular Biosciences, but I can take graduate students from either department.  This allows for the flexibility to follow either a MB program or an EEB program.  Deadlines are December 1st for EEB and December 15th for MB each year, so contact me ahead of time if you are interested. Also, please see the KU Drosophila group recruiting website

Undergraduate students

We are always looking for bright, hard working undergraduate students interested in learning the ropes in a scientific laboratory.  Contact me for more information.