Drosophila labs at KU are recruiting graduate students for Fall 2020

KU Drosophila Biology Graduate Student Recruitment for Fall 2020

Drosophila research labs in the departments of Molecular Biosciences (MB) and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at the University of Kansas seek talented applicants for graduate admission to begin study in the Fall of 2020. Our strengths include evolutionary and quantitative genetics, behavior and development with labs working on specific projects including genetic conflict, mating behavior, the genetics of complex traits, the evolution of immunity and limb development.

Faculty members:

Applicants to the EEB program (https://eeb.ku.edu/prospective-students) are admitted directly to work with a specific advisor while applicants to the MB program (https://molecularbiosciences.ku.edu/graduate-program-faqs) complete a rotation cycle before choosing a laboratory. Interested candidates should peruse the MB faculty website (https://molecularbiosciences.ku.edu/faculty) and the EEB faculty website (https://eeb.ku.edu/faculty) and contact the department or specific faculty members for more information.

Application materials can be found at:

Molecular Biosciences - http://molecularbiosciences.ku.edu/admissions
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - https://eeb.ku.edu/how-apply

Deadlines for Fall 2019 admission:

Molecular Biosciences - December 1, 2019
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - December 1, 2019

EEB and MB are both diverse departments ranging from ecosystem ecology to biophysics with significant interaction within and between groups.

About KU:

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